Because we’ll deal with every aspect ! Our mission will be to obtain the best conditions for you whether purchasing or selling. We don’t have to sell you anything : we just need to give you advice.

The Real Estate Consultant eliminates all your problems.  The time needed to search for or to sell a house is innumerate, whether you are the buyer or the seller and “Time” is your most valuable possession and nowadays we don’t often have much of it. Work and the family are often compromised when we have to confront the steps needed in real estate research and we don’t always have the strength and desire to accomplish it.

Hence why delegating these activities is often really worth our while. That said, don’t be mistaken that a real estate consultant is just here to save you time. We’re professionals with the skill sets to evaluate the most efficient steps to take to ensure a successful purchase or sale, ensuring your interests are protected and the most efficient economical choices are made. In other words we are paid for actual and real time dedicated to guarantee a successful purchase or sale.

The difference between us and a real estate agent, who receives a commission whether they dedicate a week or a year to a property, is that our eventual cost will be established together based on a Consultancy Contract customized to the individual needs and necessities of our clients.