Since 1988 we have been operating in the property sector. We were initially dedicated to transactions specializing in the buying phase, that which is dedicated to searching for properties for sale.

The market back then was very different to the current one, and our training took place in a period in which there were few obligations, yet the desire to show that we were ready was high.

So we took on the task, by ourselves, of facing the market on a daily basis to learn the mechanisms involved.DSC_0004 DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0009

From 2000 onwards we have specialized in the financial part of property transactions, or should we say mortgages.

We have assisted hundreds of clients who needed finance, helping them choose the best mortgage that would accompany them for many years.

It was from here that the idea of the Consultancy was created: Every client that came to us to obtain finance asked us if we could also assist in all the other areas which are involved in a property transaction.

It was these same clients who suggested that we took on this job. Because they wanted to be helped. Assisted.



So, we decided to make all our experience available to you, to help you make the right choices while trying to reduce or eliminate as much as we can, the risks which are associated with a property transaction.