It is not an activity which can be compared to the simple tasks of a real estate agent.

This consultancy service offers the possibility to have advice on how to purchase, who to approach, what to look for and how to go about it, whereas a traditional real estate agent acts simply as an intermediary whose only goal is to see a successful purchase or sale and hence earn their commission.

We on the other hand act with a specific mandate to achieve the best conditions for our clients, entering into a clear consultancy contract which clearly specifies and lists the services required.

We are not trying to substitute the real estate agent, they remain a fundamental part of the chain in any sale or purchase of a property and our company will still refer to real estate agents in the search of the best properties and to negotiate the best prices and conditions. However our goal, acting on behalf of only one of the parties, is to eliminate any conflicts of interest, which unfortunately for a real estate agent, however professional or serious they are, is a fact of life : their only target is to close a sale.

Our aim is to facilitate our clients to not just buy or sell, but to receive expert advice and support in all the details and necessities entailed in the sale or purchase of a property and likewise reduce any relevant risks.

Each step in the process of a sale or purchase are perfected and analyzed one by one. For each phase we offer a service of assistance which ranges from the search of the right property to the pinpointing of the best financial agreement to the selecting of solicitors for the final contract. Step by step we will study together the different possibilities and choices to make with the objective of not only to arrive at a successful purchase or sale, but mainly to guarantee and protect our clients’ best interests.