Those of you who are looking for a house know well that, contrary to what you initially thought, it’s not a game and there’s nothing fun about it. In the beginning, overcome by the enthusiasm of having made the decision to buy, you look through various websites, excited by the need to look at house after house. Then, as the days pass, everything turns into a real “ordeal” : Listings which don’t correspond to reality, cancelled appointments or appointments made at unreasonable times, not having chance to use the computer during working hours, not having the energy to do things in the evening hours…….Here’s how the Property Finder can come to your salvation.  For this reason! A  Property Finder is the person who manages  things starting from the first selection of the listings, who goes to look at the properties, who analyses the convenience of a property whether it be from an economic point of view or concerning the marketability of the property. Then,  from what they see, they will give you a true and detailed report  in which not only the good qualities of the house are pointed out (a typical attitude of a not so serious salesperson or real-estate agent), but also detailing all the aspects that are not always plus points. Exactly….just like this!  Because our objective is to advise not sell. In fact, what we search for is the property which you have described meticulously and precisely in every single detail. Therefore, the clearer your idea of what you’re looking for, the higher the possibility of us being successful. If, then, you are only interested in having help with the search and the selection of the property, and you would like to manage all the other ins and outs (negotiations, verifying the planning compliance, selecting a notary etc etc) yourself, our work will finish here, with the presentation and the analysis of the viewed properties, leaving you to manage the final parts. Obviously, the associated fees will be calculated based on the activities undertaken, case by case.