What do we mean by ‘off the market’ properties?

There are some very interesting deals in the current property market. Imagine that you want to buy or sell a property which, due to intrinsic characteristics (location, size, historicity or price), needs a modus operandi that’s a bit different than usual.DSC_0130

First of all, it’s difficult to find these properties advertised in the normal real estate listings. For example, if you want to sell a penthouse overlooking the Ponte Vecchio, or an estate in Chianti with numerous hectares of vines, you wouldn’t use a ‘For Sale’ sign stuck to the front door or gate! Neither would you publish an ad in a magazine, which would then become ‘prey’ to the numerous agencies who would insert it onto their own website to give themselves credit, which then perhaps wouldn’t lead to anything. And, as often happens, the risk is of seeing the property publicised on various websites, maybe in different conditions. When a property stays there, ‘static’ for a long time, it risks losing its value because of the questions that people will inevitably ask:

“Why is it not selling??? Are there some underlying problems? Will it be too expensive?”

That’s why, when we see a listing stating ‘price on request’, we understand the concept, but actually, we often realise that it’s simply used to not state the price.DSC_0142 (2)

However, there are many ‘price on requests’. And they are not those mentioned above. Instead, we are referring to specific properties which at this point we call ‘Off the market’, in the sense that they are exclusively accessed through reserved channels, connections, knowledge and credentials.

That being said, for those who are sellers or buyers, you know that we have the ability to manage this type of negotiation. Are you looking for a specific property type, price, location or size? It will be difficult to find what you want on a website or in real estate ads. The owner, in these cases, is never willing to publish photos, floor plans or prices through online property listings. They would obviously prefer to manage the operation through specialist and extremely reserved channels. So, thanks to our contacts, we can reach these specific properties, taking care of the negotiations with extreme discretion, professionalism and, above all, a good chance of success.