In addition to “Services for the seller” abd “Services for the buyer” better described in the appropriate sections, we are able to supply you with additional services to complement our range of offerings.

Apart from selecting the professionals who are more adapted to specific demands, (surveyor, notary, real estate agent etc.) we can also provide a range of different solutions and services for the house. These are:

  1. Every type of appliance; (heating, electric, plumbing, air conditioning, alarms)
  2. Quotes for small jobs done by the best craftsmen; (carpenters, metalworkers, plumbers, painters, gardeners)
  3. Quotes for carrying out major renovation work;
  4. Removals;
  5. Doors, windows and fixtures of all types;
  6. Furniture;
  7. Redecorating of every type;
  8. Interior and exterior design plans;
  9. Swimming pools;