Are you certain that the decision to sell is the right one ? Are you certain the value of your property ? Who will you delegate to deal with the complexities of the sale ? Do you know all the legal steps that need to be taken to sell a property ?

When you want to sell a property the most important part is to have a full understanding of all the necessary steps that need to be taken to arrive at completion. Just the same as when you purchase, also for selling, it is advisable to first make a list of what needs to be done. Certain points will help to make your property more enticing and attractive whereas others are a legal necessity and as such must be approached with due care, especially as not everyone is aware of the legal obligations which have to be considered for a sale of property. This is where a Real Estate Consultant can be a great help and benefit, not only to promote the sale of the property but to ensure that the eventual sale is effected legally and transparently.

Let’s take a look at what’s needed to sell a property :ponte vecchio

  1. First and foremost is to understand the reasons for wanting to sell;
  2. Establish the most probable market value;
  3. Obtain the APE energy certificate, necessary for any sale;
  4. Select the most adapt Real Estate Agent and negotiate the most favourable commission rate;
  5. Evaluate objectively the various offers received both in terms of price and of payment terms;
  6. Obtain a surveyor’s technical certificate which is necessary for the final act of sale;
  7. Prepare all necessary documentation with the solicitor and eventually with the purchaser’s bank;

Here, point by point, are the services that we offer our clients :

  1. In analyzing the reasons for your decision to sell we need to have an understanding of certain factors (are you looking to buy a different property, is this property an inheritance that you do not need, do you need to cash in on value of the property and do you have the financial need to do this quickly ?). By understanding these points, together with a study of the actual market trends of the moment, we can together decide the best strategy to undertake for the promotion of the eventual sale (for example evaluating if the property could benefit from a little “freshening”. Sometimes by spending a few hundred euro we can earn a few thousand….)
  2. As you will have noticed, we talk about “the most probable market value”. It is important to reiterate this concept in the interest of being transparent and honest. Don’t trust anyone who tells you that your house is worth “X”, full stop. There are no charts or analysis that can give a fixed and certain value to a property. The market decides the price. What does this mean ? It means that every property has its own story and the value is a result of various parameters, such as the comparison with similar properties in the same area which have already been SOLD, the physical maintenance and upkeep of the property, the infrastructure offered by the area where the property is situated, all the way to the potential that the area may have for potential development. In other words we will examine every factor to be able to give you a clear market value based on detailed study and most importantly on our experience and professionalism. Believe us, we’ve sold quite a few houses……..
  3. Thanks to our network of contacts we can provide you with a valid list of professionals that can provide you with the APE certification, at advantageous prices;
  4. Picking the Real Estate Agent is probably the most delicate part in the whole process of selling. There are literally hundreds of Agents, but as in any field, they are not all the same. The right choice makes the difference. Often we use the Real Estate Agent who has offices nearest to the property, which sometimes can be the right choice because they know the area, but that doesn’t mean they are the best. It’s our job to propose you the best. We are in contact with some of the best companies because our position is acknowledged also by the same Real Estate Agents who appreciate the “quality” of clients that we propose them. Our clients hire us to achieve a final goal, they pay us to achieve that final goal, so they have a firm desire to conclude either the sale or the purchase, as such we do not want to waste our clients’ time by proposing Real Estate Agents which cannot facilitate that final goal. Often people go and view properties purely out of curiosity or to be able to compare with their own homes to evaluate prices. Our clients have been prepared, the needs are clear, the evaluations done and the stage set in advance, this allows us to also obtain the best terms and conditions with the Real Estate Agents as they realize that they will have less work to do and that time will not be wasted.
  5. This point speaks for itself. We will together evaluate eventual offers of purchase, examining objectively every single detail in terms of price and payment conditions;
  6. As in the case of the required APE energy certificate, we are able to provide a list of reliable and economically advantageous surveyors, which when combined together will mean an even bigger financial saving;
  7. An invaluable support also for the bureaucratical matters and the compiling of all necessary documentation in preparation for the final act of sale. Special attention is given in checking the documentation in the case of the purchaser stipulating a mortgage.