Have you ever tried to list all the steps you need to accomplish when buying a house ? Are you sure that you have the time, the desire or capacity to cover all that is necessary ? Today there is someone who can do all of this for you.

For the very first time there is now an organization that can assist its clients with all the details in a property purchase with a service that covers every possible aspect, 360°. You’ve certainly heard the boast that a company offers a 360° service, but you’ll see from the below list of services that we do truly cover every single aspect of an eventual property purchase and as such can safely say that we do actually cover every point and hence over a 360° service, from the pre selection of properties to the choice of solicitor for the purchase contract.ponte vecchio

They say that to find the perfect property you have to see 15, can you imagine the time needed to see 15 properties ? It means calling dozens of real estate agents to get information on houses which maybe have already been sold, are out of budget or out of the area you are looking for. It means passing hours in front of a computer screen checking announcements and photos, it can often mean taking precious time from work to visit properties that prove horrendous.

Add on top of this the need to negotiate prices and conditions, which most people are not accustomed to doing and it becomes a major task, comparable to trying to refit your bathroom without a plumber. This is why The Real Estate Consultants are here, to give you the necessary peace of mind and support to carry through what appears to be a simple operation, but which in reality is full of obstacles and hundreds of potential hidden problems. How ? By doing it all for you.

  1.  An initial meeting in our offices to set a budget and understand your specific needs;
  2. We’ll execute a detailed market research to pre-select suitable properties;
  3. Contact the real estate agents involved in the properties found and arrange appointments;
  4. We’ll supply our clients with a list of the most promising results, after our initial visits, backed up with photos, plans, relevant documentation and our opinions;
  5. Only at this point will we ask you to visit the properties selected;
  6. We will arrange for professional evaluations on eventual properties to ensure that the property is structurally sound, to ensure all planning permission is certified and approved by local councils and to ascertain that there are no pending financial limitations such as mortgages or bankruptcies that could affect the eventual purchase. We are often able to provide the client with an official certification of commercialization on a property
  7. Together with the client we will establish an eventual price offer, along with the formula of eventual payment so as to be able to make an official offer;
  8. We will negotiate a fair commission with the real Estate Agent which will be in line with the actual work load undergone rather than a flat commission on the sale, bearing in mind that much of their normal responsibilities will be handled by us.
  9. Work in collaboration with the Real Estate agent in the formulating of the legal “intent to purchase” document;
  10. Advise and help clients negotiate terms with the financial institutions for eventual mortgages;
  11. Select and suggest eventual solicitors for the formal purchase agreement;
  12. If requested we are able to also offer consultancy and advice on eventual restructuring or needed building work on the property.

The question which arises now is “How much will this cost me ?”. The cost will be in line with the services that each client requires as it may well be that you are not personally interested in every aspect of the above listed services but only in some of them. To enable us to give you a quote we need to sit down and evaluate with you what your specific needs are, naturally this meeting is completely free.
Whatever the eventual cost, we can guarantee you that due to our expertise and know-how and due to the fact that we can ensure the best value from the individual players needed in the various phases of a purchase, that you will find we will be more economically advantageous than if you tackle each of the above services individually and separately. This we will prove to you with exact costs.