Dear colleagues… actually no, sorry. We aren’t colleagues…

Dear Real Estate Agents. And this is exactly what I wanted to talk about. Surely you have asked yourselves who I am and what I do. I’ll tell you right from the start that I’m not a Real Estate Agent. I wouldn’t want to take your place either. What I want is simply to collaborate with you. Because we do two different crafts, similar, yet different.

I hope that you have already consulted the page related to “What is a Real Estate Consultant?” and/or that in which we explain the “Differences between Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Consultants”. Only in this way could you understand what my job consists of in a better way.

It’s since way back in 1988 that I’ve been working in this field. I took my first steps as a new graduate in a real estate agency where I did searches for properties up for sale. The acquisition. Then I also started to do the viewings for the sales. Later I coordinated a group of people in a bigger and more organised place. And I continued like this for years and years.

Since 2000 however, I started to be involved with the financial parts of a sales transaction: The mortgages. I have worked in banks, I have held managerial positions coordinating networks of agents; but not from behind my desk. My work ethic has been and still is to be among the people, listening to their needs and satisfying them.

Then, from the very same people who trusted in me to find the best mortgage for them, I understood that what they were looking for wasn’t only the money needed to buy a house. They wanted to be assisted by a qualified person, who they could trust, and who could assist them in every phase of a property transaction. The people who turned to me were those who, due to lack of time, will or knowledge of the subject, needed someone who could do everything for them.

You may say: “The work of a Real Estate agent is exactly the same as this!”

It’s true! But you are a mediator. Or even, a professional who “mediates”, therefore as the Civil Code states, “the person who connects two or more parties in order to conclude a deal, without having connections to any of them with regards to working relationships, employment or representation.” (art. 1754C.C);

I, myself however, am a Consultant. My task is that of protecting and assisting those who hire me. This could be a seller or a buyer but never both in the same deal.

I don’t have properties to sell. I don’t have a client database. I have only a website where, those who need a service like the one I provide can find all the relevant information about our modus operandi.

That is why I need you! Because it is you that I will turn to, to search for houses for my clients. And, it is you that I will ask to assist with finding the most probable market value of every single property! And it is to you, where I will bring my clients to conclude a deal without discrediting your profession, on the contrary, showing my clients how fundamental you are in the ins and outs of a property transaction. We will walk side by side until the deal has been concluded.

I know that you will never assign clients onto me. I was the first to have contemplated this situation. Because my bias is towards those who give me a task, meaning that it is my objective to find (or sell) houses for them. If I concentrated all my requests on one Real Estate agent, I would go against the “philosophy” of consultation.

Therefore it seems strange: You won’t assign me (and rightly so) clients yet I will. I will even bring you selected clients. Yes, because those who I present to you won’t be time wasters. Because, first of all, they have given me a project to consider, therefore one presupposes that they don’t want to waste money. That’s because before I take the reins, I will make sure the clients have the true capacity to see a deal through to the end, both in financial terms (the possibility to obtain a mortgage) and in “practical” terms (backing out of an assignment in the case of impossible requests).

In conclusion: I hope that you understand straight away that one of my clients is looking for a property that maybe I’ve seen on your website. For you this could become an opportunity to sell one more house. When I contact you, therefore, know that you will have, in front of you, a professional whose sole purpose is that of protecting the client. Thanks to you, I hope that I can help clients realize their dream of buying a house, while receiving an independent consultation, seriousness and professionalism from me, and a wide range of offers that won’t scare them away, from you.

I hope to hear from you soon.