Other news in the property market is that of the “Immobile Certificato“or “Certificate of Conformity”. What does this consist of? Put simply: Many agencies who work with us, to demonstrate their trustworthiness and reliability, allow us to access previously to properties with Certificate of Conformity. It’s worth saying that the owner, with the aid of one of these same agencies, has produced a series of documents that certify the total market value.L'Immobile Certificato, la garanzia che devi pretendere dal tuo acquisto/>

We therefore have available :

  • A technical report done by a qualified professional in accordance with urban planning;
  • Mortgage title searches from the last two decades;
  • Floor plans and up to date surveys ;
  • Original deeds;
  • Estimates signed off by at least 3 field professionals;
  • Energy certificates.

You will therefore understand that our mission is that of protecting your purchase to the maximum, making sure we eliminate any associated risks.