A Florentine from birth, Filippo had already started working in the property sector in 1988. At the end of the nineties filled with the knowledge he had gained over the years, the need for innovation led him to making a decision which would radically change his working life: ‘going into banking.’

In that period in fact, Abbey National Bank, an English bank with branches spread around Italy, formed a network of agents who managed the territory for the distribution of mortgages for house buyers. In the space of a few months the results Filippo achieved resulted in him becoming one of the best consultants in the Italian network. In 2005 he was presented with a big opportunity: Macquarie Bank, an Australian business bank, forcefully came into the market of real estate credit, gaining important market share within a few months and Filippo was the protagonist.

Unfortunately 2008/2009 were years marked by the scourge of subprime mortgages in America which conditioned the property market in a drastic way in successive years. Seeing the difficulties of accessing credit faced by families and companies, the necessity to create a structure which assisted and advised clients in their search and selection of the right bank arose. Through task coordination he managed the sales network for the development of some National brands in Tuscany, and therefore the market moved from sales to consultation.

Those who were looking for houses more often than not first obtained information regarding the mortgage. It was from here where the idea for Property Consultation stemmed; Why not assist the clients that trust in you with all the different phases of purchasing a property? Why not replicate in Italy the winning model that has, for many years, taken over the field in the USA, Canada, Australia and Northern Europe? Buying a house in Tuscany is the dream of many people, and doing so with serenity is the most important thing. The earnestness, professionalism and the passion that Filippo puts into his work means that many of his clients have put into motion the word of mouth mechanism gratifying his work on a daily basis.

Filippo is extremely proud of this.